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This Is the Perfect Daily Routine for Weight Loss

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We all know what it takes to be healthy and how it is to lose weight. We eat our veggies and fruits. We try our best to be active during the day. We fight the urge to overeat and practice moderation. It is an everyday challenge. Whoever said that it was simple and easy? And the bad part is that people are being fed with ideas on eating less to lose weight aka crash diets, super foods that are healthy for you aka junk and 5-minute workouts aka waste of money and time. Which is true in all these?

Travis Stork, MD together with Peter Moore – both are experts in fitness and nutrition – advise that in order to lose weight, a healthy daily routine is necessary. With their specialization on their fields, they have shared a 24-hour schedule of eating and exercise which guarantees a sure healthy weight loss regimen.

You wake up at 7am

You have to start you day right by eating protein. Purdue University scholars found out that if your breakfast is loaded with protein, you will feel full longer and binge eating can be lessened.

After 45 minutes, head to the gym

It is better to work out early in the morning, after you wake up and eat your protein-packed breakfast. Also, it is better to do some strength training – lower the weight slowly. A study made by Wayne State University revealed that it can speed up your metabolic rate for the next 72 hours.

Calcium need fulfilled by 9am

Pour yourself a full glass of milk by 9am and drink it. Both experts agree that calcium from dairy products can aid in losing weight.

Exercise a bit after two hours – 11am

Sure, you’ve already exercised earlier but a walk will make your body leaner. It will fast track your road to weight loss preferably for those who are obese.

1pm is lunch time

Incorporate a magnesium-rich food in your lunch meal. This mineral will surely add to the pumping movement of your metabolism. An example of a magnesium-rich meal is Spinach Salad with pumpkin seeds, Grilled Salmon and a cup of yogurt. Yummy!

4pm is tea time

Don’t forget to drink your daily dose of green tea. Journal of Nutrition published a research study regarding the connection of green tea and weight loss. It has catechins that can really help in losing body fat and weight, as well.

Spicy dinner time at 7

If you are a fan of spicy foods, you will lose weight faster. So, eat some tongue-burning food at night to help you shed off those excess pounds.

10pm sleep time

You have to sleep at least 8 hours each day and you must also try to sleep at the same hour each day. Losing sleep can negatively impact a person’s eating habits and you will tend to eat more than you should.