Persimmons Are The Greatest Fruit You’ve Never Eaten


No, it’s not a tomato and it’s not an orange too, though it looks like it. It is one of Japan’s most common fruits – persimmon. Common as it is, most chefs and cooks don’t really know how to use persimmons in recipes. Food experts explain that there are two types of persimmons which can be found in the US. But in reality, all over the world, there are about 2,000 kinds.

The Fuyu kind is the readily available persimmon fruit to eat. It’s sweet and easy on the tongue, to boot. It is great for salads in every way possible. The other kind is the Hachiya. It is not easy to ripen, most of the time and it requires much waiting. However, it defeats the Fuyu in both taste and texture when fully ripe.

If you’ve seen jams made out of persimmons, then, you are in luck. They go well with bread, biscuits, and cakes. These fruits also add moisture effortlessly. Dried persimmons make for great tea drink, as well.

These juicy fruits originated from China and it is only natural that the Chinese people know how to make the fruits ripen faster. According to Food Scientist Harold McGee, the secret to making the persimmons ripen quickly is by burying it underground. It will be available to eat in no time.

Eye Protection – Persimmon is Colored Orange

Of course, on the health benefits you should always check the color. Orange colored fruits and vegetables are usually good for the eye. However, they protect your eyesight but not improve it – just to make this clear. Persimmons have this compound called Zeaxanthin that helps protect your eye sight from cataracts.

It also improves your eye’s abilities to see in the dark. It adjusts the rate on which your eye adapts to the dark. The orange color can also be associated with oranges. This fruit, along with oranges, are so rich in vitamin C! It can boost your immune system just by eating eat. Your bones, muscles, and blood vessels are much safer with Vitamin C around, you know, so eat up on the persimmons!

Blood Pressure – It Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be a problem and a bother at the same time. Persimmons are great sources of Potassium. Potassium is a good mineral to lower blood pressure. It dilates the veins to let blood flow freely. Hence, the lesser blood pressure rate. It also has a high level of water content. About 80% of the fruit is water. However, a word to the wise, don’t overeat persimmons. They can reduce blood pressure immensely, but then sugar in it can shoot up your glucose levels. Hello, diabetes!

Fiber – The Thing People of the Fitness World are Crazy for

To be precise, it contains twenty percent of your daily needs in fiber. It helps you digest properly and let all the bad things in your body out. It is also a good antioxidant that can help you age better.

This fruit can also help people lose weight by fighting the lipid uptake, one of the main causes for obesity. Cancers are in a way fought by fiber too so, go and indulge on a persimmon right away. Speaking of weight loss, it also destroys your appetite for sugary foods.