How to Prevent Those Nasty Wine Headaches

Wine Headache

You’ve had the best night ever in your life. It was super romantic and you really feel in heaven, this time. It could be it. This person could be the “one”. You two drink wine and the chemistry is just so obvious. The fairy tale night ends with you a bit tipsy from the wine and you head home, then, sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, you have this terrible headache. It’s like your head is being split in two! No matter how great the evening was for you, this wine hangover is the worst there is! Why is this happening???

A medical expert talks about hangover headaches, why it happens and how to prevent it.

You thought that only beer and hard drinks can give you this kind of headache. Well, you’re wrong. Too much wine can result to a hangover the next day and it’s not about the sulfites contained therein. No. There are chemicals in wine that made your head hurt like hell.

A study showed that tyramine, a substance present in wine, can facilitate hangover and headaches the morning after. It has an impact on the person’s blood pressure and the fact that wine, more specifically red wine, is filled with histamines. Some people cannot metabolize the histamine.

How can you go about it?

Experts suggest that before going on a red wine night fest, drink a 10-mg antihistamine as it can help with metabolizing wine in your system. There is a research study that confirms a chemical reaction in the brain – wine contains tannins that pump up the production of serotonin in the brain. If there is a surge in serotonin levels, the brain might not take it lightly and cause the headaches.

Or you can always switch to white wine. White wine is not much on tannins because this organic substance is present in grape seeds and skin. As for white wine, the process of making it involves removing the seeds and the skin.

If you are not a fan of white wine, then, go for a lighter shade of red wine. The lighter the color, the less tannins it contains. For example, you can try the Pinot Noir instead of your usual red wine variety.
You can also observe other factors as to why you get a headache after drinking wine. Did it happen after your normal week day? Was it during the weekend where everything was relax or was you on a vacation? Work stress can cause headaches, you know.

Also, if you are dehydrated, it is more likely that you’d get a headache after drinking wine. It is best to drink a full glass of water for every ounce of wine you consume.

What’s the best fix?

Don’t drink! That’s the ultimate solution. But if you can’t fight the urge, then, go within the limit. In average, a person can only drink 5 ounces of wine in a day. If the limit won’t be followed, then, just hydrate, drink antihistamine and think positively!