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Are You Really in Good Shape? 8 Ways You Can Tell


Have you ever tried walking up a flight of stairs and you ended up panting for air. It’s like 10 flights of stairs man and you’re already gasping? Wow, what happened to you? Don’t tell me it’s called life because some people are living the life and they can climb like 100 stairs in a matter of minutes. What does that mean? You, my friend, is out of shape.

How can you measure if you’re fit or not, really? I mean, is there like a standard or a set of rules to know how fit you are? To be honest, not all chunky people are out of shape and not all thin people are physically fit and healthy.

Anyway, there are eight things wherein you can tell if you are physically fit or not and maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize if you really do lack the exercise and need to go back or you’re still in great physical condition.

These eight ways must all be present or it’s a no deal.