What Really Happens To Your Body When You Eat Fast Food The Whole Day

Fast food can severely damage your liver


So you thought that liver damage can only happen due to excessive alcohol consumption, eh? Well, add excessive fast food consumption to the list too. Yes, eating fast food regularly can damage your liver permanently – that is if you don’t stop eating a Whopper each day.

Linkoping University researchers from Sweden found out that fast food can increase the percentage of fatty liver at most 2.8%. This is a very bad sign. The researches fed their subjects two meals of fast food every single day and they also told them not to exercise or walk for more than 5,000 steps daily.

Can this be reversed? Well, the liver is a resilient organ and if it’s not too late, the damage can be fixed. You just have to end consuming fast food meals, swap that with fresh fruit (at least two servings per day) and your liver will slowly regain its health, according to the scientists of Saint Louis University, USA.