What Really Happens To Your Body When You Smoke Marijuana

Cannabis for the pain

Cannabis Fruit

It’s all because of William O’Shaughnessy. This Irish physician discovered that cannabis can help with the pain (associated with body illnesses) and so, he pushed the idea of using marijuana for medical reasons. Actually, cannabis has long been used to treat various diseases especially in the Asian countries. Ancient royals use it to soothe their health problems – Emperor Shen Neng from 2730 BC was one of those royal people.

Anyway, scientists from the University of California in San Francisco found out that cannabis can not only help with pain management. It can also lessen opioids prescription in lieu for cannabis. (This was done in conjunction with opiate treatment usage wherein opioids were replaced by cannabis.) Scientists discovered that it lessened the pain felt by patients as expected and that there is no need for the patients to resort to pure opiate-treatment to manage their chronic pain.