Restaurant Desserts You Should Avoid At All Costs

Restaurant Desserts

Almost all restaurants in New York have that calorie count feature in their menu. For example, if you order a Filet Mignon or a Thai Green Salad, there is a corresponding number at the side that says how many calories it is to eat one full serving of it. The same is being done with dessert lists too. The basic reason for this is to control calorie intake.

But, isn’t it a habit of almost everyone – the “sweet tooth” or the “room for dessert”. After your big meal, there will always be something sweet to complete the dining experience. It may be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dessert will always be a staple.

It’s a good thing if you know the calorie content and if possible, the nutritional value too. But what if you don’t? You have to watch out for some foods which can not only expand your waist line. It can also be filled with unhealthy components.

Here are restaurant desserts you should avoid at all costs.