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How to Ruin a Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast is supposed to be the “biggest” meal of the day and when one says “biggest”, it means the “biggest” in nutrition. So, you have to choose wisely when it comes to your ultimate morning meal because picking the not-so-nutritious food will make your morning poor. It will be a high calorie meal without the nutrient value that you need to power up your day.

Anyway, just so you know, here are some of the ways that you might be ruining your supposed to be healthy breakfast…

Breakfast Is Too Sweet

Sometimes, we go for those “fast” breakfast meals like the single-serve cereal meals. Well, most of these are not nutritious at all. In fact, these breakfasts are full of sugar – it’s like eating candy for breakfast with a bit of Vitamin C and some minerals.

Aside from these sugar-coated cereals, people are also used to eating sweet-filled pastries, syrup rich meals and frosted breakfasts that are easy to toast. Too much sugar is very unhealthy.

You need to steer clear of these sugar-rich breakfasts and start eating these, instead:

1. If you want a nutritious and yet easy to prepare breakfast (easy to prepare means it can be done in 2 minutes tops), then, you can eat cereal – whole grain cereal – that is. You can put a little bit of sugar on top of the whole grain cereal breakfast but it must be less than a teaspoon.

You can also add honey and some berries instead of sugar. Milk is also a great addition to this cereal breakfast – it can be full cream milk which is more nutritious than non-fat milk. The latter, on the other hand, is lesser in calories, though.

2. When picking for pastry breakfasts, a whole grain bagel or a muffin will be the top choice. You can always add fruit spread to it, not the sugared ones, but the 100% fruit kind. You will taste the sweetness of the fruit without eating granulated sugar.

3. Another quick and easy breakfast meal which is very heart healthy is oatmeal (preferably rolled oats). Just add a handful of chopped roasted almonds or roasted walnuts with some blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and all the berries you can toss in. (antioxidant-filled meal)

If you want the oatmeal breakfast to be sweet, you can add all-natural maple syrup, honey or brown sugar. Not more than a teaspoon!

Protein In Your Breakfast

Some people forget to eat protein rich foods. They load up on carbs and forget that protein is also needed by the body. How can you add protein in your breakfast?

Actually, you don’t need to eat too much of it – protein can come packed with its nutrition even in very small amounts. For example, you can eat a whole grain toast with one tablespoon of almond butter. The almond butter is your protein. You can also eat peanut butter if other nut butters are not available. And of course, drink a glass of milk too.

It may be too early for some to eat fish, but other people love salmon over their whole grain breakfast bagel. If you don’t like salmon, tuna is always a great alternative. To add a bit of flavor, you can put half a serving of light cream cheese or homemade mayonnaise.

You can also blend your fruits and make it into a smoothie. To make it a protein-rich breakfast, add two scoops of protein powder. Quick and easy, yeah?

If You Don’t Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber and the body needs fiber because it regulates the function of the digestive system. Sugared breakfasts are all carbs and sweets. It is low in fiber. Now, if you don’t eat much of it, then, your body will be deficient of dietary fiber and there will be health consequences to that.

If you lack fiber in your system, then, your cholesterol levels will surely be erratic in a negative manner. Your digestive system will also suffer – LBM, constipation, etc…

Lacking On Fruits And Veggies

One of the greatest foods to eat at any time – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – are fruits and veggies. These foods are very low in calories and towering in vitamins and minerals, with some phytochemicals in the mix, too. Nutritionists, dietitians, and food experts say that a person must eat five to nine servings of fruits and veggies. Not the fruit-flavored kind but the natural one, yes?

How to add fruit and veggies to your meals…

If you love omelets, then, make one with mushrooms and bell peppers. You can also include half a serving of orange together with your whole grain pastry and almond nut butter. As for a breakfast fruit bowl, well, sky is the limit! One whole banana, a bit of raisins or prunes, berries and for crunch, whole grain cereal – this is just so yummy!

Skipping Breakfast

Don’t ever skip breakfast. This is the worst mistake anyone can make. You must always eat before going on about your day. There is nothing healthy about skipping a meal especially the first meal of the day. Studies show that people who skip breakfasts are often overweight because they tend to overeat in the late afternoon.

For your quick breakfast meal choices…

How about some boiled eggs with a serving of pumpkin seeds or walnuts and a cup of fresh fruit? You can also have a breakfast smoothie or make your own breakfast cereal bar.