Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

Salt in a Shaker

“Season with SALT and pepper.”

You will always see that phrase in recipe books which means that all foods “won’t survive” without a dash of salt. It is that important. Salt gives the food flavor and without it, everything will be bland. No one will eat a bland dish, right?

But, too much salt is also not good for the body. Yes, it does taste good. It perks you up a bit when you eat a dish with salt in it. The problem is that too much salt or its chemical counterpart – sodium – can create a series of health issues. An average adult in the US is suggested to consume at most 2,300 mg of sodium each day. We all know that rarely happens because we love to eat the “junk”. 2,300 mg of sodium may even be filled up during your breakfast and morning snack meal. It is safe to suffice that in a day, we tend to eat at least twice of that amount.

You won’t feel it for now. When you are young and still healthy, all your body organs are functioning as intended, you feel like you’re on top of the world. As you age, the effects of eating too much salt when you were younger, will surface. You will start having problems with your urine and kidneys. Then, you will also get bumps all over your body. It will be painful bumps too. You will suddenly have stomach pains and your blood pressure will spike. These are just some of the conditions you will experience as you grow older and if you were eating a lot of salty foods years before that.

It takes a lot of discipline and will power to stay away from salt. But, you have to do it. Staying within the limits of salt intake will prolong your life, if that matters to you.