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Things You Should Never Order At A Bar

Bar Drink

You are what you drink, as they say – which is why I always ask for Lychee Margarita without the ice because I am me – a posh, 30-ish, strong and independent woman who can handle her alcoholic drink like a Bond girl (oh, I wish!).

One time, I had lunch with some friends and I met someone who used to tend bar at one of the Irish pub’s in Times Square. Let’s call her “Liza”. So yes, Liza was a pro at speaking with people who are overly drunk because she provided them the necessary “hard” drinks. She was the bomb at what she used to do but Liza gave all of us a warning. Not all drinks at the bar are good to order and drink. In fact, she told us to never order these drinks when in an exclusive bar – ever!