Things You Should Never Order At Subway

Subway Restaurant

Don’t you just love to eat at Subway!? I really love eating there since the restaurant is very health-conscious. Everything in their menu has a corresponding calorie count so basically, the customer can choose what he wants to eat without feeling guilty. Another fact is that the customer can also pick out the ingredients of their sandwich, if they want to customize. Actually, it is a very helpful feature that Subway is extending to their patrons, and I for one, I really do appreciate it.

There is a big BUT, though. Not everything in their menu is 100% healthy. If you don’t watch it, the calories will pile up easily and you’ll be eating one meal which can easily be good for a full day’s worth or RDA in calories. Hold up for a bit and take a breather. Browse on this article and learn what foods in Subway you need to stay away at.

Here are things you should never order at Subway…