The Trick to Making Perfectly Clear Ice Cubes


Most of the time, your ice comes out cloudy and almost white. But you see in bars that ice can be crystal clear. How do they make that? Well, here are tips for you to create your very own clear ice right at your own kitchen freezer.

Every Friday you go with your friends to the bar. It’s a way for you to relax and socialize – enjoy their company and maybe, you know, meet someone new. You order your usual drink and you notice the ice. Sometimes it’s in balls. Other days, it comes in cylinder or chips. But whatever shape it is in, it’s always the same. The ice is crystal clear, you can see right through it!

Meanwhile, you make your ice cubes at home and you were so excited that it would come out just like that in the bar. You take out your ice tray, put some water in it and freeze. After a few hours, you take out your scotch and pull the ice tray. Well, sad to say, the ice cubes are cloudy. Do you know what caused the cloudy particles?

Well, as the ice cube freezes, all the bubbles are directed to the center which causes the cloudiness. I mean, what do you expect? You don’t have a machine that gets rid of the impurities in the water. But the bar has one. They have that equipment to create crystal clear ice all the time, every single day. And you don’t.

But don’t fret. Why not try this hack at home?

You can use a cooler. Pour water inside the cooler and let it freeze. The first thing that happens here is that the ice on top will freeze first and so the bubbles with go down. What’s the trick? Take it out before the cloudy bottom part freezes so that it’s crystal clear. This is a bit challenging, but it can be done.

So, what if you don’t have that much freezer space? The trick is to boil the water at least once (you can boil it twice if you like) so that the bubbles (it’s actually air) will be pushed out. Distilled water is better in producing crystal clear ice compared to tap water, too. You may like to try these ways and see for yourself what will happen:

Boil tap water one time

Boil tap water in a pot and then, place cooled and boiled tap water in an ice cube tray then place inside the freezer. What happened? The ice went cloudy all the way. Yay! (Sarcastically)

Boil water twice after 30 minutes

So, if you boil tap water once, you have to set it aside for at least 30 minutes before boiling it again. The same process goes – pour the twice boiled tap water on a tray and wait for it to freeze. The results? Clearer ice cubes on the side, but a bit cloudy on the center. It was better, though, compared to the boil tap water once tip.

Boil distilled water

Yeah. No luck here. Still the same with all the cloudy mess

Boil distilled water twice

Hooray! This is the way to make clear ice (not very crystal clear, but close to it) from your own kitchen which doesn’t have that much cloudy effect in it. The ice will be mostly translucent and well, beautiful. You would gladly serve this to your visitors when they come over!