The Truth About Ranch Dressing


Ranch dressing is everywhere! No lunch or any break time snack is complete without it for some people. The flavor can get a hold of you and you will never be able to let it go for a very long time. Kids and adults all fall for its tangy and salty taste. Getting your salad dressed and dunking pizza crusts in it is all so appealing. However, some things are just too good to be true. Here are some facts about the tasty dressing.

What is ranch dressing?

Ranch is made with buttermilk joined with oils, herbs, garlic and salt. Regarded as the ultimate flavor booster, it can also be used to get children to eat veggies. This dressing has double sales than any other dressings in the supermarket. In 2014, NPD group saw it as the most shipped to food dressing in schools and other social institutions. It also has double the sales than others, as reported.

One of the most famous ranch producer is in Santa Barbara, California. Steve Henson, the founder of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, turned 120 acres of land into ranch haven. It may be famous but Hidden Valley Ranch still contains MSG, Phosphoric Acid, and Zantham Gum.

There are other producers who offer natural alternatives. Newman’s Own and Annie’s Naturals are some of those that do not contain MSG.

Organic ranch dressing, anyone?

Going natural or inorganic is not a problem. You can also take breakfast, lunch, and dinner the same way with different recipes like those bloggers who post about recipes on ranch dressing in the internet.

A classic recipe…

Here is a classic recipe satisfies craving for richness and creaminess. It is made of mayo, sour cream, and buttermilk. It kicks the others on the top spot with its parsley and chives. Spices like paprika, cayenne, and dried oregano makes the flavors come together to make the irresistible taste.

Some food bloggers recommend Greek Yogurt (yummy and healthy!) instead of buttermilk and mayo or sour cream. Adding dill will bring a sweet flavor and salty kick with Parmesan cheese. You can use avocado if you plan to go vegan.

Not so classic but still yummy as ever…

For a breakfast classic you can try it with English Muffins topped with runny eggs, ranch dressing, some bacon, and a slice of avocado. It is the best food to eat on the go. Cumin-spiced ranch on barbecue is also a hit. You can also add grilled chicken to the mix with some bell pepper, grilled corn, softened black beans and a veggie salad.

If you like pasta, you can make fettuccine Alfredo taste so much better thanks to this dressing. Egg noodles topped with chicken seasoned by a mix of ranch, chicken soup, sour cream, bacon, and garlic – isn’t this just delightful? It is so easy to make that you’ll be able to enjoy making it as well as eating it. This recipe is perfect for a busy week night as it can be left to cook in the slow cooker. Be sure to check it from time to time.

To ranch or not to ranch…

That is it for ranch! Organic or inorganic, MSG-free or full of it, ranch is the best. No one can take away the delightful taste it can bring to both kids and adults. It has that great taste that can take anyone prisoner with just a taste. No leftovers with ranch! It simply is the best dressing that can help you eat ANYTHING and enjoy doing so.