Turmeric: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Superfood

Turmeric has some side effects that are beneficial too

Side Effects

When you take turmeric supplements that are rich in curcumin, you have to use it as recommended. If you drink a lot of these turmeric supplements, chances are that you will experience some diarrhea and feel nauseated. But these side effects are short-lived and temporary.

Also, if you take curcumin daily and if that is more than 300mg, then, it can have an adverse reaction with talinolol. It is a prescription drug used by people with high blood pressure. The reaction is that talinolol will lose its efficacy.

If taken as intended, there are visible physical side effects of curcumin and turmeric unlike medical drugs wherein there are so many side effects when taken.

For example, you drink ibuprofen due to stomach cramps. Your body will suffer the consequences of taking ibuprofen in the long run. For immediate purposes, sure, your stomach cramps will be alleviated. What are these consequences? There is this disorder you call kidney failure. You will also have heart attack risks and stroke will also be an issue. Popping ibuprofen every single time will do that to you in the future.

As for turmeric, the side effects are just temporary. In the long run, these side effects will protect your body from inflammation and pack up on the antioxidants too. How cool is that?