Turmeric: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Superfood

Turmeric is everywhere and easy to come by


Turmeric has a nice flavor and if you want to reap of its benefits, then, go ahead and sprinkle some on your food while you cook. It’s not strong to the taste and even the smell is mild. It will go well with anything you cook really, from frying meat to vegetable stew. You just need a few teaspoons and you’re dish is good to go. Don’t worry about over dosage on curcumin. Actually, it is advised to put 2-3 tablespoons in one meal good for four people.

Just go to a grocery store and look for the herbs and spices section. You will find the turmeric powder there. You can also go all raw and pick the turmeric root in the market. You can slice it thinly and add it on your meat dishes.

Just a note on curcumin though – it is not easily absorbed by the body but that can be remedied. According to research, you can use olive oil and black pepper with turmeric to hasten its absorption and metabolic process. It’s not magic though so don’t over expect.

You can also use curcumin supplements. There are many brands out in the market today but be sure to buy those that are of high quality and no less.