The Unhealthiest Diner Foods

Diner Foods

We all know that eating at diners is not exactly a healthy option. Their breakfast foods may taste so heavenly and yet it can literally destroy your daily diet. And what’s more, these oil-drenched and sugar-filled foods are not just unhealthy – these foods are full of calories too.

Breakfast burgers start at 380 calories and can go as high as 800 calories. A hundred grams of French fries can provide 291 of mostly fatty calories – 35 grams of that are carbohydrates. And hash browns? One piece of that is 326 calories already. How many do you munch down in one sitting? Don’t get me started on the Frappuccino’s and the macchiato’s. I’m pretty sure that you get the idea.

If diner foods around 300 calories are considered high and unhealthy, what about those whose calorie content exceed 300? How about 800? Let’s just say, 1,000 calories in a meal!

Here is the unhealthiest diner foods ever created which is more than a thousand calories.



I know it is too tempting to resist. Milkshakes are so yummy and delicious. And it’s milk, right? Milk is nutritious. True – milk is healthy but too much sugar, cream and syrup with milk is not healthy at all. Remember, milkshakes contain load of fatty ice cream. And there is Oreo too or whatever flavoring it is that you put. A glass of milkshake can provide 750 calories minimum. This is just the simple milkshake. The “not simple” milkshake is around 1500 calories. How do you like that?

Breakfast Platters


Pancakes are rich in carbohydrates but if you add fruits and veggies to the mix, and use whole wheat flour, this breakfast meal may be a bit nutritious. But if you eat pancakes as part of the Breakfast Platters in diners, there is nothing healthy about it. Diners load it up bacon, hams, sausages, fried omelets, cheese, and butter – all the “good” stuff. What happens? 1,300 calories for breakfast meal alone and not to forget, the oil and the fats.

Meat Omelets


Omelets in diners are drenched in oil, correct? Now, what do you think is the deal if the omelet, which was swimming in oil, is filled with meat foods like bacon, ham, bologna, salami, or sausage? You will get a whopping 959 calories and that is just the minimum count. The moment you drizzle it with catsup or mayonnaise and let’s say, add some cheese, it will hit the 1,000 calorie mark.



The regular burger is fine to eat. The calorie and nutrition content is not that alarming, yet. When you opt for quarter-pounder, then, that is the limit. You should never eat more than a quarter-pounder burger and if you can, eat this food once in a blue moon, too. Now, some diners offer their breakfast burger that has a half-pounder patty. I mean, seriously? Aside from the fatty and oily patty, there’s the bacon. There’s the cheese and the coleslaw and the fries and everything else. This meal can easily be at 1,500 calories.