Do Vegans Really Have Better Sex? Here’s What Science Has To Say


PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals exclaimed in recent AD that vegans and vegetarians are better lovers which make meat-eating people all over the world raise their eyebrows. The organization has repeated this claim over and over again and this makes everyone think – is it really true? Do cruciferous-loving individuals know what they are doing to please their partners in bed? What’s the scientific basis of such claim?

Sex is a very delicate issue especially if you’re telling people that they’re not good at it just because they eat meat. And to answer that scientific basis question, well, there is an answer to this to. So, just hold on for a bit and it will be explained.

Just a bit of a side trip here – I just want you to know that I used to be vegan. For four years, I was eating vegan meals and didn’t touch a strip of meat during that time and you know what, it was a happy four years for me. But, I had to eat a bit of meat, a bit and not a lot because I physically felt better and stronger. What I noticed is that my hormones are a wreck and I was emotionally and mentally “toxic”, if you know what I mean.

I am not a fan of PETA even when I was vegan, don’t get me wrong. I have a few issues with their approaches – will not get into much detail. But I have been to both worlds. I was a carnivore then I tried eating pure vegan then, I went back again to eating meat – just a bit – my point is that I know what I am talking about due to experience. Our eating lifestyle is our choice to make and no one can dictate but us, you know.

So, here goes… In PETA’s video, they bluntly said that meat lovers are the worse sex partners. (Say what??? Don’t kill the messenger, please!!!) They also said the same thing in 2009. Anyway, their new video AD featured a Sex God (he is vegan) and apparently he can go for hours with his woman and she is having orgasms up to the roof, multiple times. Then, they featured a meat eater who loved bacon. In the ad, he couldn’t even get an erection. It ended when he became a mark for a displaced air conditioner, just because he ate bacon.

There are really good points about being vegan and vegetarian. But the question here is scientific research – how are human carnivores bad at sex when vegans are so good at it, scientifically speaking?

This will be discussed rationally. Veggie eaters lack zinc in their systems and if a person is deficient of that, then, their sexual drive is messed up. For men, testosterone levels are reduced and libido is dwindling too. As for women, vegan/vegetarians don’t have their periods regularly and this causes dryness of the vagina and yeah, little to none sexual urges too. Were these mentioned in the degrading video AD of PETA? NO.

OK… Vegans don’t slap me. There were studies too on vegans being very good in giving “head”, according to a Smut6 survey of 56,460 respondents. For a man, no complaints there, right? These salad eaters may have a dry V but at least they eat the “hotdog” heartily.

Does it have something to do with our food choices? What are the evidences that point towards vegetarians being better sex partners? Let me get this out before everything becomes confusing. Meat eating is not always bad. Pure veggie eating is not always good. But a majority of foods which improves one’s sexual appetite and capacity are veggies. There are some meats, though, like Salmon (Omega-3 can add to sexual excitement) and Chicken breast (B-complex can make the “hotdog” erect for a longer period of time) that brings out the animal in you. Just a word of caution to those who love eating steaks – saturated fat and bad cholesterol can alter your sexual drive.

So, it’s true. There is good meat and bad meat for sex. How about dairy foods? Cheese and milk bought from a grocery shop is usually not pure. There are some components in these foods, synthetic hormones, which can alter your hormone production. While Calcium is a great source for sexual wellness, the milk coming from cows that don’t eat grass, are not “fresh”. There is a dilemma here – raw milk is mostly illegal for consumption but milk does help with your performance in bed.

I have opened a can of worms here. It’s not that I’m an expert but I do pride on myself knowing what it is that I’m talking about – by experience and through research – but really, there is not exact answer. Some meats and some veggies are making people sexually active, science has proven this and it’s very irrational of PETA to advertise that only vegans and vegetarians are great lovers.

If you’re still confused on whether you eat lots of veggies from now on and skip the meat, well, we go back to the basic rule – eat in moderation. It may be so used up but it’s true. If you want to eat steak, do so but just not every single day. Do you crave for Oreo and milk combo? Sure, go for it! Just lay low on the milk especially when it’s not from a grass-fed cow. It’s about choices like when you choose to eat veggies and fruits for a day each week – this is a great practice too.

There are no black and white when it comes to sex. There will always be Mr. Gray… I meant, there will be gray areas and it’s alright. Sex is supposed to be like that. Now, go on and give your honey all the love you can give.