What’s Really Happening When Your Hair Goes Gray

Gray Hair

It is inevitable. Aging is part of life and one of the downsides of aging is the appearance of gray hair. We all dread for that day to come. One day, your child tells you – hey mom, you have a gray hair! What can you do about it?

Well, it is called “maturing” and everyone will experience it. When your body matures, so will your hair and part of aging hair is having it gray. When you step the age of 45, your hair will start to lighten and change its color. 74% of the population from 45 up to 65 will have gray hair.

But why is this really happening? Is there an explanation behind it? Specialist of hair tells it all…

The “legend” on gray hair


Dr. Jill Waibel is a dermatologist in Miami, FL, USA and she talks about how hair grows and changes. It wasn’t always your normal hair color. In fact, while you were in the womb, you have white hair. Seriously! It will only change its color once the melanocytes develop. Your natural color will appear be it brown, black, red, blonde or a combination of colors. The hair type and your melanin production will also develop and cause the pigments in your hair shaft.

As mentioned by Dr. Waibel, melanocytes are the once responsible for increasing the melanin content in your hair. This will distinguish your natural hair color and will continue to develop for years. But as you grow older, the melanin production in your hair will reduce because of an enzyme called telomerase. It will make your natural hair color lighter each year.