The Worst Drinks for Your Waistline


Those one-pound burger sandwiches, super scrumptious and fully loaded milkshakes and triple cheese with all meat pizza – these are your binge foods. Sure, it can ruin your diet in a snap because one serving is around 1,000 calories tops. If you think only these foods are high in calorie content, well, listen up right here. Your alcohol and mixed drinks can destroy that waistline, if you’re not careful. These seemingly “light” drinks are not just unhealthy; it can make you fat too.

A 2009 journal published this research titled, Alcohol & Alcoholism, by Jennifer Tujague and William Kerr. They created a group of 750 individuals for the study and they were given the choice to create their favorite type of alcohol from beer to wine and spirits. In their study, it was concluded that most people mixed their drinks with an average calorie content of 200. And how many drinks like this can you down in a night?

If you are clear on wanting to lose weight and keep extra calories off, then, you need to learn what types of drinks won’t work for you. Dr. Kerr, Director of the NIAAA Alcohol Research Center, unveils which drink are the worst when it comes to busting your waistline.

Too sweet, Too creamy and too much liqueur

The doctor says that a sugar-filled drink such as Piña Colada is overflowing in calories. Creamy alcoholic beverage like a Chocolate Martini is full of sugar as well. Plus if you are going to drink cocktails with liqueur, expect a boost in sweetness and that means more and more sugar for you. The more sugar you drink the more calories that would be. So if you think that one drink can’t hurt, well, think again. One drink can surely hurt!

How to avoid these sugary alcoholic mixes

If you really can’t stay away from your drinks, then, Dr. Kerr suggests that you mix your spirits with plain old water. If you need a lift, some spritzer would be a better option than sugared mixes or stretching it a bit, go for soda.

A tip – if the drink is bitter, it means that it has lower sugar content like whiskey. So, go for that. It will give you the same buzz, anyway.

Alcoholic drinks served in “vases” and not the normal shot glass

You have to watch out for drinks that are served in glass vases and not the normal glass. Are you really going to drink one liter of alcoholic mix in an hour or two? And the more you drink the more calories you consume. That’s how it’s going to be.

You know, those massive tiki drinks when you go to a Hawaiin-inspired bar? I call the hurricane glasses – vases. It’s not a glass anymore because it’s so big! And frankly speaking, do you really know what you’re drinking? What are the bartenders concocting and putting in your bowl? I mean, glass?

Bar owners have come to a conclusion that their drinks are so humongous, so they have decreased the serving size and divided it into two – this is the reason why some drinks have a Baby or Mini size. That means half the serving of sugar and sweets as well.

One, two, three, five, eight, ten shots overnight

When you drink during meal time, chances are that you will stick to just one glass compared to going out on a Friday night wherein you can consume more than five shots. This is an observation recounted by Dr. Kerr.

It is also possible that the shots you will be drinking are of different mixes like a shot of tequila, after glass of martini then you shift to whiskey and so on. Just remember to drink water after each shot and there is no need for you to do the bottoms up. If you just want a taste of these drinks, then, taste it and move on. Don’t finish all in one swish.

Beat the urge

All things taken into consideration, it is still up to you if you want to drink all those sugary alcohol mixes or not. No one is making you or forcing you to drink all those beverages but yourself. And I am telling you here and now – you have to be aware of what is “inside” your drink.

You can always ask the bartender of the ingredients in an alcoholic drink, for your peace of mind. Just lay low on the sweets if you want to maintain your figure – oh, man. You know that already!